Microfilm Scanning FAQ

What kind of microfilm do I have? Can you scan it for me?

Can you take this roll of microfilm and print out everything on it for me?

When I send you my microfilm, what will I get back?

Can you deliver my files on CD? FTP?

My microfilm contains 2-up frames (left and right facing pages microfilmed together as a single frame) -- can you split them into separate left and right pages?

What is reduction ratio?

What reduction ratios are commonly used for different types of microfilm?

Do I need to know the reduction ratio of my microfilm before I send it to Creekside Digital?

Can you create microfilm from my paper documents / books / newspapers?

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Smithsonian Mass Digitization
Take a moment to enjoy our latest video short of the Mass Digitization project recently completed with Smithsonian Gardens!

This living collection has grown from five plants to over 6,000 specimens since it was established in 1974 and is considered a globally important repository of orchid biodiversity.

Our project digitized the complete collection of over 6,000 Orchid Plants at a rate of approximately 120 plants daily. Multiple views were taken of every plant and can be searched online via collections.si.edu/

The orchid collection is an invaluable resource for scientific research, educational programs, and exhibitions across the Smithsonian!
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