Document Scanning Compliant with NARA / OMB M-19-21 and FADGI 3-Star — Now on GSA MAS Schedule

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Creekside Digital has been awarded a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) from the General Services Administration.  We are approved to participate as a prime contractor for awards in Special Item Number 518210DC — Document Conversion Services.  Creekside Digital’s MAS Schedule contains CLINs for digitization services performed at a FADGI 3-Star level of quality across all metrics.  Creekside Digital is the first and so far, the only prime contractor providing these services via GSA MAS Schedule.  CLINs for FADGI 3-Star and M-19-21 compliant document scanning via auto-document feed (ADF) digitization are included in the Schedule.

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FADGI stands for Federal Agencies Digital Guidelines Initiative.  It is a series of technical guidelines created and maintained by cultural heritage-facing Federal agencies which define how still image digitization should be performed and how image quality should be measured.  The FADGI guidelines have been successfully used at scale on large digitization projects for over a decade and their fundamental ideas are underpinned by real image science.

NARA / OMB Directive M-19-21 titled “Transition to Electronic Records” (referred to hereafter as M-19-21) is a joint memorandum from the Office of Management and Budget and the National Archives and Records Administration.  In it, the Office of Personnel Management directs NARA and OMB to establish digitization standards of a high level of quality, as going forward NARA will cease to accept paper records for deposit (meaning that NARA will only accept digitized versions of these records in the future) and the original paper records may be destroyed once digitized.  M-19-21 has a number of far-reaching ramifications for all Federal agencies performing document conversion and electronic records management (ERM) activities; for the purposes of this GSA Schedule however, we are only concerned with the digitization of records classified by an agency as Permanent.

For Permanent Record digitization under M-19-21, NARA’s standards are based on ISO 19264 (Photography – Archiving systems – Image quality analysis – Part I: Reflective originals) and the FADGI guidelines at a 3-Star level of performance are the chosen implementation of how to meet these ISO standards.

The services and prices set forth in Creekside Digital’s GSA Schedule are intended to service customers requiring document conversion and / or still image digitization delivered in accordance with:

  • The current FADGI guidelines at a minimum 3-Star level of performance across all metrics; and
  • NARA / OMB Directive M-19-21, specifically for the digitization of Permanent Records.

To learn more about Creekside Digital’s digitization services available via GSA MAS Schedule, including Permanent Records conversion compliant with M-19-21, please contact us.