Expert Large Format Digital Art Capture

All artwork is scanned to 48-bit TIFF master files using our CRUSE Synchron Table 4.0 scanner.

  • $175 per scan up to 36″ x 48″
  • $225 per scan up to 48″ x 72″

Multiple pieces are allowed in one scan. E.g., if you can fit three paintings into a single 36″ x 48″ scan area, the price is $175. Fragile, rolled, and folded / creased items may require additional handling fees.

A Word about Printing

Please note that Creekside Digital no longer offers fine art printing or custom framing services. Art reproduction and giclee printing using aqueous inkjet printers have become commodity services, and artists seeking to monetize their work now have many options, including online services such as Fine Art America. We focus on by far the most important part of any art scanning project — the proper capture of the original artwork — and we include a ColorChecker target in the frame with every piece of artwork we digitize, allowing for rapid and accurate color correction and proofing by your print-maker of choice.