Digital Reader Software for Books and Microfilm

Now that you’ve digitized your books and microfilm, how do you access them? Our Digital Reader solution is a 100% hosted, browser-based viewer application that allows access to your scanned books and microfilm from anywhere, at anytime.

Test-drive the Digital Reader at Civil War Microfilm.

  • Presents digitized books, microfilm, newspapers and magazines through any web browser across the Internet or on an intranet
  • Can run standalone or be integrated with an existing website
  • Built using open source components – low-cost and reliable
  • Web client – presentation is 100% HTML / JavaScript / CSS
  • 100% hosted – no software to install or upgrade
  • Clickable index of all books / rolls for a given collection or publication
  • Rollfilm Viewer presents images sequentially like a traditional microfilm reader / printer
  • Image Viewer allows in-the-browser image manipulation including:
    • Zoom
    • Rotation
    • Sharpen
    • De-Noise
    • Brightness / Contrast Adjust
    • Invert Black and White
  • Search OCR’d pages by keyword
  • Export images to PDF for easy printing / saving
  • Optional watermarking of images to protect valuable content
  • Digitized content may be made available “open to the public,” password-protected, or restricted to paying subscribers

Create New Revenue Streams

Do you want to sell subscriptions for access to your digitized books and microfilm? All you need is a PayPal Merchant Account to start signing up new subscribers right away.

  • Optional integration with PayPal Subscriptions for automated subscription management – one of the most widely used payment engines on the Internet with extremely reasonable transaction fees
  • Automatic account creation with self-service subscription maintenance (e.g., reset my password, cancel my subscription) lowers total cost of ownership

Custom Software Development

The people at Creekside Digital have decades of experience designing and implementing software solutions for companies of all sizes across many industries. We’re always interested in discussing custom software development projects, specifically those relating to:

  • Online presentation of digitized materials
  • Relational database analysis and design
  • Usability engineering / user experience and interface design

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We're super-pleased to be part of this important project! This work is being performed to the #FADGI 4-Star specifications -- the highest level of quality possible under the Federal guidelines for the #digitization of cultural heritage materials. ... See MoreSee Less

The pilot project with the Smithsonian National Postal Museum continues and we're blowing away our projected results! The NPM object handling team has really come together, the Smithsonian team behind the scenes supporting our virtual workflow has helped us work out the minor kinks, and our vendor Creekside Digital has graciously extended our targeted number of objects, so we're up to 1,998 objects through today already--way to go team!

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Creekside Digital shared Veterans Curation Program's post. ... See MoreSee Less

The Alexandria VCP had the opportunity to visit the Smithsonian National Postal Museum this week to see a Rapid Capture Digitization Project with the Smithsonian Digitization Program Office. The project, which is a collaboration of efforts by the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office, the National Postal Museum, and Creekside Digital, will include the digitization of 1,000 sheets of postal stamps in less than a week. To view the project in person, please visit the National Postal Museum this week, September 29th through October 2nd, between 10:00am and 4:00pm for an Open House. Unable to attend the Open House? Check the project out at the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office’s website at and the National Postal Museum’s blog at The Alexandria staff was also honored to have a tour of the world’s largest stamp gallery by the Museum Director, Allen Kane! Allen walked the staff through the gallery, telling some of the stories behind the stamps. The staff viewed a letter that was on the Hindenburg when it caught fire, Amelia Earhart’s flight suit, and the world’s most famous stamp, the British Guiana 1c Magenta, which had been owned by John Eleuthère du Pont. Staff also tested some of the interactive displays in the exhibit and created a stamp with self-portraits! The Alexandria VCP would like to thank Allen Kane for taking time to provide such a wonderful visit!

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