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SMALL MICROFILM ORDERS | Less than 20 rolls of microfilm

Microfilm Small Order Form (835KB PDF)

Microfilm Small Order Form (835KB PDF)

Creekside Digital loves small orders! For orders up to 20 standard rolls of microfilm (100′ rolls), we’re pleased to offer flat-rate pricing for 16mm and 35mm rollfilm scanning. That means no guessing how many images you have or how much your order will cost!

Got more than 20 rolls of film, duplex film, or rolls longer than 100′? Submit a Request for Quote through this website or contact us for more info — we’ll be glad to discuss all the options and review our volume-based pricing with you.

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Current Flat-Rate Pricing for Small Orders

# of Rolls Price / Roll
1 $149
2 – 5 $119
6 – 10 $99
11 – 20 $89
*For OCR, add $29 / roll. All small orders are scanned at 300dpi / 256-color grayscale and output in your choice of PDF or JPEG files on DVD. Pricing is for simplex, 100′ rolls only.  Prices do not include return shipping & handling via USPS Priority Mail.

Creekside Digital accepts all major credit cards

How to Order

  1. Fill out our Small Order Form in your web browser. Pricing will automatically be calculated for you.
  2. Print out the form and sign it.
  3. Mail the completed form and your microfilm to:
    Creekside Digital
    Attention: Small Orders
    5200 Glen Arm Road
    Suite Q
    Glen Arm, MD 21057
  4. We’ll process your payment via major credit card.
  5. We’ll convert your microfilm to digital images in the format you requested.
  6. We’ll mail your microfilm and DVD(s) containing your images back to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Orders

How long will it take to scan my microfilm?

I'm in a hurry. Can you expedite my order?

Can you run some free sample scans of my microfilm before I decide whether or not to pay for it?

I have microfiche / aperture cards. How much will it cost to scan them?

Can you only scan part of my roll of microfilm? I only need a few frames on it.

What image format should I choose?

Can you provide other image formats? How about higher resolution scans?

What is OCR and why would I want it?

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LYRASIS Member Institutions

Please contact Laurie Gemmill, Program Manager for Mass Digitization, regarding subsidized pricing available for microfilm scanning through the LYRASIS Mass Digitization Collaborative.