Ultra-Quality Fine Art Scanning using the CRUSE Synchron Table 4.0 Scanner

Digitize your artwork. Incredible, lifelike details.

Creekside Digital is excited to announce the return of our Fine Art Scanning services.  At our Glen Arm, Maryland location or onsite at your gallery, museum or studio, we provide the highest quality fine art scanning services available today.  From artists who desire to sell multiple copies of their oil paintings, watercolors, and other original artwork, to museums and galleries seeking to preserve, document, and / or monetize their collections, Creekside Digital can help.

We are pleased to announce the addition of our new CRUSE Synchron Table 4.0 Scanner to our production facilities in Glen Arm, MD. Our specific machine is currently one of only a very few of its kind in the United States incorporating CRUSE’s newest scanhead as well as their latest generation LED lighting. Additionally, our CRUSE scanner is one of the only units in the Metro Baltimore – Washington DC region available to the public with the ability to capture artwork and flat items up to 4′ x 6′ in size — with no stitching. It can also accommodate raised / relief objects and its unique lighting profiles allow for the use of raked / angled lighting where appropriate — emphasizing texture, embossments, and other dimensional details. You can find pricing for our CRUSE art scanning services here.

Creekside Digital's CRUSE Synchron Table 4.0 Scanner takes up an entire room of our Glen Arm, Maryland production facilities.

Creekside Digital’s CRUSE Synchron Table 4.0 Scanner takes up an entire room of our Glen Arm, Maryland production facilities.

For our cultural heritage customers — our CRUSE scanner achieves a FADGI 3-Star level of performance across all metrics, and recent target images are always available upon request. When not scanning artwork, the machine is usually busy digitizing many thousands of maps and foldouts for large-scale, strict FADGI-compliant projects (meaning targets are imaged and verified every shift, and no work is performed until a passing target is achieved — no exceptions) for some of our nation’s largest cultural institutions.

Onsite Artwork Digitization, too.

While our CRUSE scanner can’t travel to your institution, the rest of our equipment can, along with our experienced photographers and technicians. As one of the nation’s largest quality-focused service bureaus, Creekside Digital deploys Phase One digital backs in 80, 100, and 150 megapixel varieties along with a multitude of other photographic equipment to accurately digitize your artwork collections onsite — for reproduction, documentation, and any other use case you can imagine. We can capture three-dimensional artwork, items, and ephemera as well — contact us today for information.

A Word about Printing

Please note that Creekside Digital no longer offers fine art printing or custom framing services. Art reproduction and giclee printing using aqueous inkjet printers have become commodity services, and artists seeking to monetize their work now have many options, including online services such as Fine Art America. We focus on by far the most important part of any art scanning project — the proper capture of the original artwork — and we include a ColorChecker target in the frame with every piece of artwork we digitize, allowing for rapid and accurate color correction and proofing by your chosen printer of choice.