Newspaper and Photograph Scanning Services

Preservation-quality digitization has arrived! Using state-of-the-art overhead scanners from i2S DigiBook, Creekside Digital can scan loose documents, newspapers, photographs, and any hard copy materials up to 17”x24”. Whether you’ve got a single item or a huge collection to convert, Creekside Digital can help.

We can digitize:

  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Photographs and Postcards
  • Fragile Documents and Manuscripts
  • Maps and Posters

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Highest Technical Image Quality for  Scanning

Book Scanning on Creekside Digital's i2S CopiBook HD 600 overhead book scanner

Book Scanning on Creekside Digital’s i2S CopiBook HD 600 overhead book scanner

Using a dedicated, proprietary scanhead with an effective array of 105 megapixels (35 million pixels per RGB channel), Creekside Digital is pleased to offer archival 8- or 24-bit TIFFs (uncompressed and lossless, up to 600dpi true optical resolution at full A2 size) for long-term preservation which meet or exceed all LOC, NARA, and CDL guidelines for Digital Master image files. Of course, we use a color-managed workflow to ensure that the colors scanned from your source books and documents exactly match what you see on your calibrated monitor as well as what you send to the press.  For the highest quality book scanning available, this is the way to do it.

We also support emerging archival standards by offering our customers JPEG2000 and 36-bit (“Deep Color” – up to 68.71 billion colors per image) uncompressed lossless TIFF files. Of course, we can also deliver any standard derivative files for reader copies, web presentation, or general use.

Upon request, Creekside Digital will gladly share scans of photographic targets digitized on our equipment (e.g., Eastman Kodak TL-5003 “Old Man” Imaging Test Chart) in order to demonstrate the technical quality of the images we are able to produce.

Scanning Options:

1877 Barn Poster (courtesy of Historic Long Island Farm Inc. / used with permission)

  • Color Depth: 24-bit full color (36-bit “Deep Color” TIFFs available for special projects), grayscale, or bitonal (black and white)
  • Resolution: 200-600 dpi (true optical); downscaling available for lower-resolution files
  • Image Types: TIFF (black and white, grayscale, or full-color, Group IV, uncompressed or LZW, single- or multipage), JPEG, searchable / image-only PDF, JPEG2000, GIF, PNG, and all other standard image formats
  • MARC Records and metadata such as METS/ALTO, Dublin Core, and others
  • OCR “sidecar” file output for compatibility with CONTENTdm and other digital collection management software
  • HTML, RTF, and other eBook / Kindle-friendly document formats